Adding a healthy touch to your everyday food!

Miami Private Healthy Cooking Classes

by Fernanda, Your Healthy Cooking Coach #HealthyIsTrendy


 (Miami or Skype)

Starting at $500 for a 15-day program:

  • 40 recipes, personalized for your tastes, restrictions and goals
  • 3 in-house consultations where I give you:
  • A personalized shopping list
  • A trip to the grocery store together (in South Florida)
  • Educate you about all the ingredients we’re using
  • Teach you how to cook the essential meals
  • Texting and calling interaction with me

The first consultation (4 hours):

  • I introduce you to the program you are about to embark on and all of the ingredients you will be putting in your body. 
  • Together, we clean out your pantry to rid your environment of unhealthy food items.
  • Then, the day is finalized with us taking a trip to the grocery store together.

The second and third consultations (2 hours each):

  • 2-hour cooking lessons where I teach you the meals essential to your program and to your new lifestyle.

Email me to learn more :)


Starting at $200.00

  • Vegan Cooking Class    
  • Gluten-free Cooking Class  
  • Almond Cheese Cooking Class
  • Healthy Mexican Cooking Class (also available, unhealthy #whoops!)
  • Miami-Healthy Fusion (quinoa beet arepas, homemade cactus tortillas, and more!)