Essential Supplements for the 30 Year Old Woman

For me, turning thirty was a dream come true because I believed that life began from then on.

That age reflects maturity, stability and fullness and all of my acquaintances said they felt the best after that age - but they did not warn me of the changes that my body was about to experience.

My hair became thinner, my nails broke easily and the skin became dry. The sleepless nights began to have consequences, I started to need the two liters of water recommended and the energy to exercise was no longer the same.

Many foods that I could eat before began to create intolerance, allergies and upset stomach to the point of no longer being able to eat them.

And that's when my life changed...I changed the way I ate and began experimenting with different vitamins - they became my best allies.

I also stopped self-medicating and decided to help my organism based on functional foods to function in the best way. 

Here are my top products that I recommend 30-year old women try - remember to consult with a physician before starting an exercise or a diet routine. It's a journey and a process and I'm still trying new things every day! 

I have them automatically shipped to my house - if you get Amazon Prime you save a lot of money, so I don't even need to go to the store. 

Supplements for the 30-year old woman


  • WHY? Benign bacteria present in supplements and dairy foods can be very effective in the prevention and treatment of numerous diseases such as diarrhea, obesity or cancer. They have digestive enzymes that help with indigestion and acidity. They alleviate the feeling of swelling and gas. Helps with digestion of dairy products. It helps with food allergies because it improves the digestion of proteins. Digestive enzymes improve hiatus hernia conditions and ulcers. Take them if you are going to consume a food that you do not digest well. 
  • HOW? : Ideally, take 2 capsules in the morning. Or if you are going to eat food that does not sit well with you - take two before you do that. 
  • MY FAVE: Garden of Life brand - I take the one made for women but they have a variety of different ones. 
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  • WHY? Collagen is a very important protein for our body - it forms the connective tissues. It mainly provides the elasticity of our skin, the prevention of wrinkles and sagging. To restore the levels of this substance in the body there is hydrolyzed collagen, it is an option in the form of powder or capsules that provides a number of benefits. Collagen is the largest and most abundant protein in the body, accounting for about 65% of our total protein.
  • HOW? I take three in the morning and three at night. 
  • MY FAVE: YouTheory Collagen - I'm trying out a few different ones to see which I like best and this one, so far so good! My skin and hair do feel better. 

Coconut oil

  • WHY? There are so many reasons, I will list them:
  1. Once the body digests coconut oil, its fatty acids do not scale and go directly to the liver, where they become energy. This causes the metabolism to accelerate.
  2. It reduces fat in the abdomen area
  3. It acts as a barrier against bacteria, fungi and viruses
  4. Promotes a healthier heart
  5. Leaves your hair and skin beautiful - my dog also has coconut oil daily and she has a beautiful mane because of it!  It's because it has Vitamin E - an antioxidant that helps us to have a hydrated skin and stronger hair.
  • HOW? Drink it with tea in the morning - that's right! Or use it to cook your foods. You can also use it as an exfoliator. The antioxidants of the oil, when applied directly on the face, collaborate in the reduction of lines of expression and wrinkles. Apart from that the oil is a natural exfoliator that removes dead cells - pair it with himalayan salt and scrub in the shower. 
  • MY FAVE: It definitely is Jarrow's! You can take as a supplement or buy the actual oil. 

Omega 3

  • WHY?
  1. Decreases triglyceride and cholesterol levels.
  2. Prevents the formation of clots in the arteries by preventing platelet aggregation.
  3. Decreases blood pressure in people with mild hypertension.
  4. Fluidifies the blood and protects the body from heart attacks, strokes, strokes, angina pectoris, Raynaud's disease, etc.
  5. Increases electrical transmissions of the heart so it regulates the heart rate and prevents cardiovascular diseases
  6. Protects against cancer, especially colon, prostate and breast cancer
  7. It has an anti-inflammatory function and relieves the pain of diseases such as arthritis Rheumatoid and Crohn's disease
  8. Promotes the formation of cell membranes
  9. Promotes the production of hormones
  10. Promotes the proper functioning of the immune system
  11. Promotes correct formation of the retina
  12. Improves the functioning of neurons and chemical transmissions
  • HOW? Take two every morning. 
  • MY FAVE:  It also is the best seller on Amazon, is Dr. Tobias! It doesn't have you burping weird scents ;) like most Omega 3 supplements do.