Avoiding wheat? Then try Casabe or Cassava Bread!

Avoiding wheat? Then try Casabe or Cassava Bread!

If you are trying to avoid wheat and gluten but miss a good flatbread then I recommend you try casabe.

I learned about casabe from a Venezuelan friend in Miami. It is popular in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Belize, Colombia and Brazil, too. They sell it in most latin supermarkets and it is a great substitute for bread if you have a gluten intolerance. 

It's a flatbread made from yucca and served as a side, similar to bread, in many countries.

It is an acquired taste because it is very bland - that's a good thing because you can top it with anything. It is crunchy (especially when toasted - yum) and some topping ideas are tomatoes and cheese for a casabe pizza, or a tuna salad spread over it, or really any protein. Casabe's preparation removes most of the starch leaving complex carbs and a flatbread that is rich in fiber, has zero cholesterol, no sodium, no fat, and only a moderate carbohydrate content. Some say it's great for constipation - because no one likes that! 

You can also eat it with a bit of oil and salt. For breakfast, pair it with cheese and a side of coffee. I've seen little mini-casabes served with pate in parties. 

As the Cuban proverb says, “In the absence of bread, casabe.”

Try it and let me know your thoughts!