Gluten-Free Brunch: Arepa Bar

I always say that when I first moved to Miami, I really missed my freshly made corn tortillas and it wasn't until the day that I was introduced to arepas that I finally felt like it was going to be okay. 

Arepas and tortillas taste very different but wow, arepas are so delicious! And they're gluten-free bceause tehy are made from corn flour. The thing is that the flour used for arepas is different than tortillas, theirs is pre-cooked ours is not, so do not try to make arepas with just any corn flour. 

My friend has a blog and she can give you tons of ideas of what fillings to make. I love reina pepiada, which is shredded chicken and avocado, a dash of lime, pepper - and that's it! 

Check out the recipe here.