Hi! Welcome to my blog.

Hi! I'm Fernanda. Welcome to my website where I post recipes, creative food projects and beyond. I'm a Mexican born gastronome living the Miamian life who happens to be married to another chef, Santiago Gomez de la Fuente.

I am obsessed with coconut in all it´s versions, quinoa and matcha. I love exercising, walking outdoors and enjoy discovering new ingredients at the farmer´s market to cook my next recipes. I love activities that keep me motivated and overall, i absolutely enjoy doing things with love.

When I'm is not busy teaching my healthy cooking classes, I'm developing recipes for HispanicKitchen.com, walking my Mexican Black Lab Simona, helping my husband with his TV appearances, or jotting down my thoughts right here, and you will sure find me every weekend at my happy place: the beach.  

I focus on adding the healthy touch to your every day cooking but sometimes do enjoy making not so healthy dishes. From healthy tacos, to acai bowls and desserts; on the weekends I like to indulge and cook with up a storm with Santiago the most delicious plate possible, calories included!

I've been in Miami for two years and absolutely love it. Prior to Florida, I lived in Mexico City and owned a successful catering company.